Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Mission

Trellis Supportive Care, provides compassionate care for those individuals living with a life-limiting illness and their families, through quality medical, emotional, spiritual, and social support.

Our Vision

With support from our communities, we will provide the absolute best in compassionate, competent, and cost-effective end-of-life healthcare to all who need it.

Our Core Values

  • Commitment: Committed first and foremost to the delivery of Compassionate Care for all of our constituencies (patients, families, payors, community, and each other).
  • Compassion: Compassionate Care is at the very heart of what we do and why we exist. Compassionate Care values human dignity. It is doing the right thing for the right reason. It differentiates us from all other providers.
  • Competence: Competent Care is the first essential step to providing Compassionate Care. It is leading edge and cost competitive with any other credible provider.
  • Community: Community support is our ultimate edge in providing Compassionate Care. It enables us to constructively enlist the collaborative support of volunteers and other community entities, creating the capacity to meet community needs.
  • Creativity: Creativity is tapping the brilliance within ourselves and our community to generate ideas that will continually improve Compassionate Care in the face of all that might challenge it.

Our IDEA Program


Trellis Supportive Care (‘Trellis’), its Board of Directors, leadership, and staff have long been committed to promoting an inclusive workplace and equitable access to care. Our long-standing Inclusion and Access Board committee provides guidance on diversity initiatives and holds agency leadership accountable for achieving our inclusion objectives.

In recent years Trellis has further deepened its commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA) with the launch of our IDEA Initiative. Aligned with our mission of caring, the goal of this initiative is to create a Culture of Belonging in our workplace and throughout our service offerings. Our goal is to hardwire IDEA initiatives into the Trellis fabric, creating a welcoming culture that will endure.

Our commitment to the success of the IDEA initiative is demonstrated through our multi - year tactical plan, which includes staff training, program strategy, and qualitative metrics that will support our stated goals. As well, we have made lasting provisions for our IDEA program goals, including them in our long-term strategic plan and ongoing operating budget.

We will continue to involve key staff members in the planning and implementation of the initiative, bringing forth change from within.