Thursday August 10th, 2017

The Caregiver-Friendly Car

If a new car is in your future—even just a new-to-you car—look for features that support your role as a family caregiver. For instance, extra room for carrying things can make your job a lot easier! More important, look for features that will protect your back as you help your loved one in and out of the car. Back injuries are painful and costly. They are the number one physical problem among family caregivers. Read more HERE.
hospice & palliative carecenter
Tuesday March 1st, 2016

Your Support Matters!

If you’ve ever been in the situation of choosing hospice care for a family member or loved one, you know that paying for the service is the last thing on your mind. Instead, you’re concentrating on keeping that person as comfortable and cared for as possible, and of course you want the very best environment for them in their time of need.
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Monday January 11th, 2016

Ask For Us By Name

Hospice & Palliative CareCenter has been providing quality, compassionate care to people with life-limiting illnesses  since its inception in 1979. As the first hospice organization in North Carolina, we have garnered a reputation over the years of being at the forefront of hospice care. And over the years our organization has grown. We now provide services in 13 counties, including two hospice homes, the Kate B.
Friday January 8th, 2016

Important Decisions: Financial and Health Care Planning

Death and dying are not topics we talk about easily in our culture. As a general rule, in fact, we avoid them, almost as if to talk about them would bring on a premature demise. As a result, many families are unaware of their loved one's wishes at the end of life and are faced with making difficult decisions. This can lead to family discord and can make a trying situation even harder than it already is.
hospice volunteer
Wednesday December 30th, 2015

Christmas Carols and Music Therapy

Music is a magical thing. Hearing a song that you love can immediately put you in a good mood, and even bring back memories. If you’re lucky enough to be able to play an instrument, it can be a big stress relief to sit and play, sometimes for hours on end. And while we’re not all Frank Sinatra or Doris Day, belting out your favorite songs really can help lift your mood. It’s no wonder then that music therapy has benefits for patients of all types, from children with autism to the elderly who might be suffering from symptoms of a Parkinson’s or dementia.