Thursday September 10th, 2009

Fall Circular 2009

Timeless Ornaments Make Treasured Gifts — Please Support Hospice’s 19th Annual Ornament Celebration; Tips for Coping with the Holidays — When a Loved One Has Died; A Message from the CEO; Love at First Sight — Dr. Kim Case knew she had found her passion at Hospice; and more
Thursday August 27th, 2009

Summer Circular 2009

Belief in the Power of Compassionate Human Connection — The First Hospice in NC Was Born; Insight About the Urgent Need for More Rooms — JoAnn Davis, President and CEO, Talks about the Vital Project; Sailing the Hospice C's — Festive Event a Huge Success; Chaplain Ann Dalton — A Gift for Helping People Find Peace; and more
Tuesday March 17th, 2009

Spring Circular 2009

Commemorating 30 Years of Compassionate Care; A Message from the CEO; Winston-Salem Journal Publishes Hospice Series — An Education and Inspiration; Vital Connections Capital Campaign; and more
Saturday September 27th, 2008

Fall Circular 2008

Light Up a Life... And lighten your shopping load!; “I Wish More People Knew” A daughter’s perspective; November Is National Hospice Month; Flooded with Doubt — Elaine Ross, long-term Hospice Nurse, found herself caring for her mother; and more
Wednesday July 23rd, 2008

Summer Circular 2007

Time With Patients — “Refreshing” — One Medical Student’s Reflections; Peace Of Mind Is A Wonderful Gift — A Gift of Certainty in a Time of Uncertainty; Building A Vision For The Future... — HPCC is the absolute best choice for hospice care because we provide unmatched care; Bungee Jumper Takes The Plunge For Hospice; and more
Friday April 25th, 2008

Spring Circular 2008

Driven to Help Others — Staff Member in the Spotlight, Judy Moore, RN; Morphine Myths — All you ever wanted to know and more; Because of You; Virginia Foxx Visits Winston-Salem Campus; and more
Saturday September 8th, 2007

Fall Circular 2007

Sole Tapping Is Good For The Soul — Music and Other Therapies Complement Holistic Approach to Care; Finding Comfort & Companionship After The Loss Of A Spouse — Widows and Widowers are Making New Friends; It Really Does Take A Village; and more