Your Gifts Give Comfort

Hear more stories to see more ways your gifts make an impact on families in your communities.


Bridging the Financial Gap

Please consider a contribution to the Trellis Supportive Care Foundation.  The care that you find at Trellis Supportive Care includes so many things that Medicare, Medicaid and other insurer reimbursements simply will not pay for.

  • Charitable Care for those without insurance and who are unable to pay.
  • Grief Counseling for anyone in our community who has lost a loved one
  • Complementary Therapies for our paients, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit.

How Your Gift is Used

A Gift of $50 to $99

  • Offer an individual grief counseling session for someone who has lost a loved one
  • Send a child who lost a parent to Camp Carousel
  • Provide a Healing Touch or Music Therapy visit for an ALS patient experiencing pain
  • Supply nutritional supplements for a COPD patient with unexpected weight loss
  • Provide for compassionate check-in phone calls from our Community Support Program representative for people facing serious illness, yet not ready for home health care
  • Pay for a Hospice Bereavement counselor to console a family in their home after the death of a loved one
  • Allow a child who has lost a sibling to work with an art therapist to channel their grief in creative and productive ways

A Gift of $100 to $499

  • Afford an Advance Care Planning session, including a living will and healthcare power of attorney, to a couple overwhelmed with decisions specific to end-of-life care
  • Provide baths for a cancer patient in the comfort of their home for a month
  • Allow a widowed and grieving spouse a six week support group experience with others who have lost their life partner
  • Offer peace of mind and emotional support to patients and their care-givers. Twenty-four hours a day, throughout their Hospice experience

A Gift of $500 to $999

  • Grant a five-day stay at our Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home, allowing a caregiver a week of respite
  • Afford palliative radiation for a lung cancer patient
  • Allow a month of Hospice Care by a specially trained team of caregivers including a physician, nurse, chaplain, social worker and volunteer

A Gift of $1,000 or more

  • Provide all of the above services, on-going, for patients and families deserving the best possible support and compassionate end-of-life care