Gifts for those with memory loss

Submitted on Thursday December 4th, 2014
hospice winston-salem

Deciding what holiday gifts to give a person with memory loss can be challenging. Following are some tips to share with family members.

The gift of time:

  • A special date to share cookies and send holiday cards to others
  • A time to share and wrap gifts (before the rush)
  • Attending seasonal music events or caroling together

A person with early-stage memory loss is often still striving to do his or her usual activities. Gifts that provide reminder systems or simplify daily tasks are useful.

  • A clipboard with attached pen for notes. Attractive stick-on labels for cabinets and drawers. An erasable white board for listing the day’s activities.
  • A push-button wristwatch that will literally "tell the time" out loud.
  • A cell phone or personal alert system with a single button to request support from anywhere in an emergency.
  • An automated pill dispenser.

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