When Dad resists a walker

Submitted on Thursday July 16th, 2015
hospice winston-salem

For many older adults, use of a walker carries great stigma. It's a symbol of disability and often of isolation. In actual fact, a walker can be the key to staying safely and actively engaged with favorite activities.

A walker is superior to a cane because

  • it can bear up to 50% of a person's weight. A cane can hold only 25% of one’s weight.
  • it supports good posture. A walker keeps a person upright by reinforcing both sides of the body. A cane steadies only one side.
  • it is designed for people with moderate to severe balance problems or those with generalized weakness and arthritis. A cane is best for only minor balance problems or injuries.
  • it may include a basket or other device for carrying items.

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