Trellis Lights – Creating a Lasting Tribute

Submitted on Tuesday May 17th, 2022

It’s our sincere pleasure to introduce Trellis Lights.

We come to learn that death is a natural part of living, however we are seldom ready for that final goodbye. We search for ways to hold onto our loved ones, to celebrate their life, and to pay tribute. There are many ways to remember our loved ones, and we are pleased to offer this beautiful opportunity for you to remember someone dear to you.

We invite you to create a lasting legacy by sharing your memories of your loved one on our Trellis Lights website. It will be a permanent place for you to visit and an easy way for you to share your memories with others. It is also a way for others to add their memories along with yours.

Creating a tribute may be therapeutic, it may be a meaningful place for you to visit from time to time, and it may be a way for you to share your memories with friends and loved ones.

Through a photo, a story, or a little bit about what made your loved one special to you, the memory will shine forever on Trellis Lights.

Navigation is easy, and all are welcome to create a tribute. Visit to share your memories.