Removing "junk stimulation"

Submitted on Thursday May 7th, 2015
hospice winston-salem

If you were asked to name the stresses in your life, you might think first about all the tasks and responsibilities you are juggling. Or challenging relationships. Or financial difficulties.

Less obvious are the stressors in your environment that can tax your nervous system behind the scenes. "Junk stimulation," like junk mail, simply overwhelms the brain for no real purpose.

Clutter and noise are two stimulants that create unnecessary stress.

Clutter. Studies clearly show a link between physical clutter and stress. Clutter distracts. It calls for our attention and limits our ability to focus. Getting rid of clutter is like changing any bad habit. Start small with an area where you can see noticeable improvement. Consider five minutes to de-clutter one shelf or one drawer each day. Or dedicate an hour or two on a Saturday to de-clutter one room. Arm yourself with three boxes or sturdy bags: Trash, Recycle, and Give Away.

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