Moving sooner is better than later

Submitted on Thursday March 12th, 2015

Sometimes you just know in your bones that you will have to move your loved one from his or her home one day. You may hope to delay that step as long as possible. But if a move is inevitable, it's best not to wait until poor health forces the issue.

Earlier action means your relative can

  • help select the new residence;
  • help make decisions about what to keep, give away, and discard.

Most of all, a move while still healthy allows your loved one to create a new social network. Having a family connection in a new town just isn't enough. It's too much pressure to expect family members to meet all the elder's social needs. And, let's face it, although you may love your family member, you may not like the same kinds of activities. Plus, if there is any family discord (as happens now and then, even in the most loving families), your relative could end up isolated.

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