More than a home

Submitted on Thursday February 19th, 2015

Mom wants to stay at home. But you think she'd be safer and less isolated in assisted living.

On the surface, your loved one's preference to stay home might seem a desire to stay among comforting knickknacks. But research with elders reveals that the actual house or physical surroundings have little to do with it. Most of the value of "aging in place" has to do with staying in one's community.

Elders who remain living at home

  • stay connected socially with friends and neighbors;
  • remain involved in community organizations (church, exercise club, volunteer group, etc.);
  • feel safer. Even in high-crime neighborhoods. They sense their community will provide help in a crisis;
  • Enjoy continuity in healthcare by not having to change doctors;
  • Retain self-esteem and feelings of competence. They know where to find what, and they know who is who in the community.

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