Lessons from the seriously ill

Submitted on Tuesday February 21st, 2012

Source: SeriousIllness.org

In casual musings, a long-time hospice nurse blogged her list of common end-of-life regrets. While these are by no means the only ones we've seen, they do ring true for many who are experienced in end-of-life care. Consider using them as inspiration to engage in reflection. What can you do NOW to be sure YOU don't have any of these regrets?

  •     I wish I had lived MY life, not the life others expected of me. Are you honoring your particular life goals and dreams?  If climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro isn't going to happen, are you at least hiking? Don't wait until illness or age makes it too late to act on your desires.
  •     I wish I hadn't worked so hard. Between work and caregiving, are you allowing for quality time with your children? With your spouse? What can you do to make more time available?

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