Fall Circular 2007

Submitted on Saturday September 8th, 2007

This issue of the Hospice Circular includes the following articles:

  • Sole Tapping Is Good For The Soul — Music and Other Therapies Complement Holistic Approach to Care
  • Finding Comfort & Companionship After The Loss Of A Spouse — Widows and Widowers are Making New Friends
  • It Really Does Take A Village
  • It Takes A Village — Special Thanks to Area Employees
  • “It’s An Honor” — A Conversation with Board Chair John Ruffin
  • Gifts For Patients And Their Families
  • Holiday Wish List
  • Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves — Hospice & Palliative CareCenter
  • Bankers Turned Birdhouse Enthusiasts — Creativity and Thoughtfulness Brighten Days
  • 4-Week Book Discussion Group
  • Event Revenues Reach Record High — Ladies Behind Bermuda Run Event Raise Over $70,000
  • Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney... Just When You Thought You Understood It All
  • Timeless Ornaments Make Treasured Gifts — Please Support Hospice’s 17th Annual Ornament Celebration

Download the PDF of the Hospice Fall Circular 2007