Dementia Care & Relief for Caregivers

Submitted on Wednesday December 22nd, 2021


Relief for Patients & Caregivers Impacted by Dementia

According to the CDC, Dementia is not a specific disease. It’s a general term that describes the impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions. It interferes with doing everyday activities. Nearly 1 in 7 adults over the age of 70 has dementia, and the numbers rise significantly with age.

The good news is that supportive care is available. Every staff member at Trellis Supportive Care has completed Aliviado training specifically designed to support patients and caregivers impacted by dementia. Aliviado is a Spanish word meaning to feel relieved – no longer anxious or worried.

What are the big benefits of Aliviado training? The care of our patients and families is always paramount. In addition:

        - helping support caregivers by providing them with training and education so  
          they are better equipped

        - knowing what the patient is going through to better understand what the
          caregiver is going through

        - the well-developed training gives our care teams a rich understanding of their
           part in providing what patients and caregivers need most

        - better able to support and coach the caregivers

        - utilize tools such as pain assessments and a caregiver strain index to improve

No amount of training will make it easy, yet there can be feelings of relief during a difficult journey when supportive care experts are by your side every step of the way.