Coping with another person's pain

Submitted on Wednesday February 6th, 2013
hospice winston-salem

When your family member is in pain, you are suffering too. The "mirror neurons" in our brains are programmed to recognize pain in others. That's good news, in that it arouses compassion and spurs us to action. But it can be bad news, too. When you're highly attuned to a loved one's pain, you're at higher risk of depression and self-neglect.

Learn about pain management. Your ability to reduce your relative's experience of pain will help both of you.

  • Report symptoms and ask questions. Download the Pain Tracking Kit offered by Partners Against Pain. And ask the doctor for a consult with a palliative care specialist. They have special training in pain control.
  • Learn about medications. Master the steps you can take to lessen pain when it occurs.

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