Commemorating 40 Years

Submitted on Friday August 23rd, 2019

Founded by an impassioned group of volunteer community members – affectionately known as the Back Porch Gang- Hospice of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County officially incorporated in 1977. In late August of 1979, we admitted the first person to receive hospice care in this state.

Thanks to the confidence placed in us by our medical partners, long-term care facility partners, and countless patients and families, we have expanded our programs andgeographic service area over four decades. In the midst of our growth, delivering compassionate and high quality Hospice Care has remained our core focus. 

Our Evolution

Forty years ago, this was new philosophy of care. Built on the idea of high quality, home-based, holistic care at end of life, we were embraced by the medical community as well as the community at large. Twenty-one years after opening our doors, we incorporated palliative care into our service offerings and changed our name to Hospice & Palliative CareCenter. Hospice care was so well admired as a model of care, it became a Medicare Benefit in 1985. 

In more recent years, the growth of hospice providers has been rapid. In 2018, we made a thoughtful and strategic decision to differentiate ourselves from the growing number of hospice and palliative care providers by changing our name. Because a trellis is literally a framework of support, we believed Trellis Supportive Care was a perfect reflection of our mission.  

Looking Ahead

Today we serve patients and families in 13 counties from 4 offices and our beautiful Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home.  

We are grateful for the decades of support and trust. And we look to the future knowing what matters most is providing high quality, exceptional care that gives our patients and families peace of mind that they have made the right choice for their loved one. 

We commemorate this milestone with gratitude to all the families who have entrusted their loved ones to our care. 

Glimpse of our history and stories from our friends:


Local pioneers of hospice care - known as the “Back Porch Gang” – began meeting in 1977 on Rev. George Bowman’s porch. 40 years ago, they admitted NC’s first hospice patient. We’re honored to carry out that mission today. #Trellis40Years #40YearsOfCaring #40YearsOfCompassion


With support from The Winston-Salem Foundationand The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, we began serving patients and families 40 years ago as Hospice of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County. #Trellis40Years #40YearsOfCaring#40YearsOfCompassion

Commemorating 40 Years – Message from Linda Darden, President & CEO

“We experienced a level of comfort at Trellis Supportive Care’s Hospice Home we wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else. I just wish my dad had been there so much sooner. Thanks for #40 years of care! -

Ken Hauser
#Trellis40Years#40YearsOfExcellence #HospiceCare#40YearsAnniversary




Commemorating 40 Years – Message from Aaron Singleton, Chair, Board of Directors

Aaron Singleton, Chair - Board of Directors at Trellis Supportive Care....
#Trellis40Years #40YearsOfCaring #40YearsOfCompassion

“I want to salute Trellis for 40 years. When we needed their support and care for Mom, they had a way of making us feel so comfortable and letting us know what to expect. They genuinely cared for us. In fact, mom wanted to be friends with all the people who came to the house. I hope families 40 years from now will have the same great care we had.”

Elizabeth Henderson 
#Trellis40Years#40YearsOfExcellence #40YearsAnniversary#40YearsOfCaring #40YearsOfCompassion


If you could just imagine how many families have been impacted over these past 40 years, how many people who have been cared for…It’s kind of mind boggling.

Emmalee Hughes—former Hospice Development Director  #40YearsLater#40YearsAnniversary #TrellisSupportiveCare#Trellis40Years #40YearsOfExcellence#40YearsOfCaring #40YearsOfCompassion




"I joined the hospice and palliative care team in 2000 when our name was Hospice of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County. As Stimp Hawkins would say, “What a joy!” My job was to get the community thinking about, talking about and asking for hospice services earlier rather than later. I wish we could count the number of people who died a peaceful death and whose families have good memories of their loved one’s final months because of the terrific people who have worked for this great organization (now Trellis Supportive Care) over the years. To say I am grateful to JoAnn Davis and Stimp for inviting me to be a part of this good work would be a colossal understatement. Thanks for the memories and #CONGRATULATIONS on your 40th anniversary." - 
Dee Leahman




“I’d give a standing ovation to Trellis Supportive Care for 40 years. The care of my dad was beyond anything I could have imagined. Even though my sister has worked there for many years, I didn’t really understand how hospice care worked. I have a new appreciation. It’s the best.”

Dan Gauthreaux #CongratsOn40Years #ThanksTrellis #40YearsAnniversary#TrellisSupportiveCare #Trellis40Years #40YearsOfExcellence



“For me, the impact of having the support of hospice with my dad really made an impact on me, and affected me to the point that I really wanted to be there for others in the same way that hospice was there for us - with compassion, support, and love. Being a part of Trellis fuels my passion of speaking to others in the community about the support we can provide, and the support they deserve.”

– Angela Nicholson, Community Nurse Educator
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