Talking with Dad about his hearing loss

Submitted on Wednesday October 24th, 2012
hospice winston-salem

Hearing loss affects 50% of people over age 85, most commonly men.

Poor hearing diminishes quality of life. It may bring on frustration in daily interactions with others. It can even be at the root of withdrawal from social activities. Hearing loss also carries risk, because your relative may not notice a shouted warning or may misunderstand a doctor's instructions.

Even so, many elders deny they have problems with hearing or don't seem to want to deal with them. One common reason is stigma. They may feel that people with hearing loss are stereotyped as older, less capable, and dull. (Who wants to join that club?) Not admitting the problem helps maintain needed self-esteem.

But your loved one does need a checkup. Getting to that point may require some time.