blood pressure issues

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Thursday January 2nd, 2014

Keeping blood pressure in check

An estimated 30% of people who know they have high blood pressure aren’t doing anything to treat it. That’s a bit like playing Russian roulette! They’re at very high risk for death or disability through heart attack, heart failure, or stroke. If you or your family member has blood pressure over 120/80, it’s time to get going. Literally. Research shows that changes in lifestyle, especially increased physical activity, are often enough to bring blood pressure under control. The “lifestyle prescription” for blood pressure management includes
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Wednesday November 27th, 2013

When blood pressure goes untreated

Don’t confuse a lack of symptoms with a lack of risk. A person with high blood pressure usually feels “just fine.” And that makes it easy to also feel unconcerned. Your loved one may not be motivated to treat high blood pressure. Or may want to stop taking medications because they don't notice any difference. But uncontrolled high blood pressure takes a toll on the body, increasing the risk of