What about your special needs sibling?

Submitted on Thursday September 25th, 2014
hospice winston-salem

Is your aging parent still caring for your disabled brother or sister at home? Perhaps this care arrangement has worked fine for decades. But with your parent’s aging, it's not too soon to start talking about your sibling's future. Preparing now eliminates the potential for crisis and unnecessary stress.

The basics of care. The “future” can come very suddenly. If your parent has a health emergency, it will likely put you in charge. Assemble a binder to organize your sibling’s information:

  • Personal identity. Birth certificate and social security card.
  • Contact information for physicians, health providers, caseworkers, or special advocates.
  • Daily routines. What happens and when (at home, school, work, place of worship). How much help is needed and from whom. Favorite pastimes and usual responsibilities. Transportation or other community services involved. Respite care providers. Friends’ names and contact information.

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