Visiting assisted living facilities

Submitted on Wednesday April 30th, 2014

Getting your relative’s buy-in is essential before moving him or her to assisted living. That means making a round of visits to find the place that elicits a “yes!”

Lay some groundwork first.

  • Prescreen every facility on your list. Have pricing, floor plan, and residents’ rules mailed to you. Better yet, pick them up, and take a preliminary tour. Draw up questions for each facility.
  • Pick three facilities to visit with your relative. Try to sample a breadth of prices and styles so your loved one can compare the differences. It may help to show your favorite one last.

Clarify the purpose of the visit.

  • Has your relative agreed to a move? Great. Then you are visiting to “find the place that’s right for you.”
  • If your relative is still tentative, go easy. Make it clear the goal is educational, to “just look and see what’s out there.”

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