How to find a good doctor

Submitted on Wednesday February 8th, 2012


When a family member is having health issues, having a smart doctor on the case is a top priority. But where do you go to start looking?

Contrary to what you might think, you can find a lot of useful and trustworthy information on the Internet. Andrew Schorr, author of The Web-Savvy Patient, makes these specific recommendations:

  • Seek board certification. Doctors who are "board certified" have completed advanced training to excel in a medical specialty. At Certification Matters you can search for information based on your location, the specialty of interest, or a doctor's name.
  • Connect with other patients. Many disease-specific organizations host patient support networks. Look online for an organization related to your loved one's illness. If it has an online chat group, ask members for tips about doctors in your community. (Ask at local drop-in support groups, too, if available.)

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